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Furlongs Per Fortnight

Posted on June 30, 2012 in Religion , Politics

Back a couple of decades ago when I was a control systems engineer... (no, I'm serious, it was a couple of decades ago... and get off my lawn!) I was designing control systems for industrial processes. In the steel industry its common to measure and control the speed of a strip of steel in feet per minute in the US. Elsewhere, where they're all metrical 'n stuff, it was measured in meters per minute.

We used joke about normalizing both measurements in our software to units of furlongs per fortnight.

And furlongs per fortnight is apropos because we are still in the midst of the Fortnight 4 Freedom called for by US Catholic bishops and supported by an impressive array of other protestant and evangelical denominations. We've come a long way during this fortnight... many furlongs. But we have many more furlongs yet to go.

The fortnight is about religious liberty in this country and how we are losing it through a "death by a thousand cuts" from our own government. Certain politicians and officials like to talk of "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion", meaning "its fine for you to go to your church building and worship all you want, just be good liberal secular humanists in public or shut up". Um, no... I won't.

And, of course, there's the HHS Mandate that's part of ObamaCare that requires religious employers to pay for employee's contraceptive and abortifacient drugs as part of their health insurance plan. Even though, sadly and, I believe, incorrectly, ObamaCare has been ruled constitutional, there are a couple of dozen federal lawsuits that are still to be heard on the HHS Mandate. The HHS Mandate curtails religious liberty in forcing religious organizations and employers to commit an act they hold to be deeply immoral. There's info on the HHS Mandate and the fight to stop it at the following sites:

So, regardless of your religious convictions or lack thereof, people of goodwill should be concerned about our "first freedom"... a constitutional mandate for the government to respect our freedom of religion, not just worship. And this means not trying to force us to act contrary to our own deeply held beliefs... because we won't.

Why should we be paying for other people's contraception or abortions? Its not like contraceptives are expensive... not that cost is a valid argument, anyway. And for years the mantra has been "get out of our bedrooms". OK, we want out of your bedrooms. Let us go. Oh wait, now you want us there. Apparently toleration is not enough, we are now going to be forced to approve and condone and participate in your bedrooms with our cash?


The more the government tries to force us to act against our conscience, the number of people will grow who say no and mean it. As Saint Thomas More said as he was about to be executed by his king for not acting against his religious convictions, we will say "We are the king's good servant, but God's first."

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