Posts Reblogging And Farewell To Woke Corporate Social Media

Reblogging And Farewell To Woke Corporate Social Media

I used to have a blog, this blog, in fact, back in the day when blogging was a thing, in the before-time… before the rise of the woke corporate social media. But now I’m leaving the woke corporate social media as they enter the terminally woke phase where they start policing everybody’s speech. I believe, say and do things they don’t like. And lately its become a lot of fun to emphasize these things exactly because they don’t like it. So its become necessary to fire up my own hangouts on the ‘net again, because they are kicking off the people who won’t engage in the required, correct woke-speech. I realize that someday things may get so bad that our freedom of speech and thought will be so under assault, that even web-hosts and internet service providers may be kicking people off their own web sites for not bowing down and offering the pinch of incense to the various gods of identity politics and other progressive douchebaggery. But for now, here I am, in my ressurected blog… I’m reblogging…

I may leave my accounts in the work corporate social media intact and even post links there to my blog posts here. Why not use them as best I can. I just won’t be posting things there that just appear only there. I will post here.

And here is where I’ll be sounding off on all those things we’re not supposed to talk about: death, taxes, politics, religion and the like. At least, we’re not supposed to talk about them if we don’t talk about them in the ways approved by the woke-scolds and SJWs. So if you enjoy reading the words of people you agree or disagree with and can disagree civilly… then happy reading. But if you’re one of those who expects trigger warnings and needs a safe space to retreat to when confronted with unapproved thoughts that you have been conditioned to disagree with… then read my works and despair!


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