Posts Election Day Musings On The Use Of Tools

Election Day Musings On The Use Of Tools

My voting place had two different methods of voting today that were different than in prior years. In the past there were touchscreen devices that recorded my vote with no printouts whatsoever. Today, there was the option of paper ballots that you could fill out with a pen. And there were touchscreen devices where you inserted this 2-foot long, 6-inch wide strip of paper, selected the lizard people of your choice for the various elective offices, and it would print out your choices onto this piece of paper. Whichever you chose, the hand-filled ballots or the printed ones, you then took them over and fed them into this scanner-like machine. Your ballot was swallowed up into the bowels of the device, never to be seen again by mortal man, where, I joked, it was probably shredded and replaced by the results desired by the powers-that-be, whoever they are.

The powers-that-be aren’t the Democratic or Republican parties. Think of an old fashioned pinball machine. The ball is the people… society… the country. There are flippers controlled by buttons to deflect the ball around the table and into bumpers. Some of the bumpers and flippers are the Republican party and some are the Democratic party. Someone(s) else is standing at the pinball machine playing the game, using the Democratic and Republican flippers and bumpers to push the ball around the table. Whoever they are, they’re no better at pinball than I was as a pre-teen. But they are not the Republican and Democratic party. The Democratic and Republican bumpers and flippers are just tools used by them. Sometimes the Democrats and Republican are willing tools and sometimes they unwitting, unknowing tools.

But they are always tools.

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