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So now we enter the interregnum between voting and finding out who “won”. I put “won” in quotes because I’m not sure I would use the term “won” to describe ending up with the job, whichever job it is… the presidency, the senate, the house or anything else. Who, at this point, would want these jobs? The nastiness level in government and in society, in general, is at a level that getting anything done… including stopping the things that shouldn’t be done, is not a job I would want.

I also put “won” in quotes because I’m not sure I trust the process of determining who “wins”. The mail-in ballots are a process ripe for chicanery. The many instances in the past of people “finding” boxes of ballots after the counting has begun… or finished… is, on its face, corrupt. The process of counting and recounting the ballots until someone gets the result they want is corrupt. The talk, on whichever side it comes from, of “count all the ballots” even if it means counting ballots that didn’t follow the process, wasn’t sent, postmarked or received on time is corrupt.

There should be rules that are clear and enforced. If a ballot hasn’t followed the process, whether due to voter error, election official or ballot counter error, or otherwise… then it should not be counted. You don’t just say “count every vote” regardless of how or when that vote shows up. The rules are to guard against corruption by any party or person. And if election workers don’t follow the rules by “finding” and counting some box of ballots found in a room a day or two after the election, there should be an investigation to determine whether those election workers or anyone else made a mistake in the process or was doing something nefarious on purpose… and either way, appropriate action should be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again. And the ballots involved should not be counted. Its not “count every ballot” no matter what, it should be “count every ballot that is legally and accountably received”.

In Pennsylvania, the idiot state supreme court has ruled that the signature on mail-in ballots don’t have to match the registration, as well as extending the vote counting for 6 days after the election. This is the kind of “we’ll keep counting until we get the results we want” idiocy that undermines elections.

Unfortunately, we’re now in that interregnum where we sit and wait and complain and, unfortunately, see some violent “mostly peaceful” protests… mostly by the “mostly peaceful” left… and we watch while the “powers that be” fold, spindle and mutilate our election in ways not transparent to us, the people. And we’ll be expected to take the result. Unless its not the result the leftists want. In that case, there will be more “mostly peaceful” violence.

Then we’ll find out if we get back to “normal”, i.e. the incumbent president wins, or we enter Interregnum II, where the incumbent president loses and is a lame duck until a new president is innaugurated. There are even nightmare scenarios where the electoral college is tied and the House votes by state delegation on the president and the Senate votes for the vice president. If the mess and nastiness and outbreaks of “mostly peacefulness” that would cause isn’t enough… the House could be tied, in which case, the Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi would be sworn in as acting President. The likelihood of the House and Senate having to vote for the President and Vice President or worse (much worse), Pelosi becoming the President is low. But… y’know… its 2020.

Enjoy the interregnum where the flippers and bumpers are fighting it out among themselves and we can get some respite from the political onslaught. Soon enough a winner will emerge (there can be only one!), probably picked by the Pinball Wizard and then we’ll pick up our cudgels again and be defenders of Camelot or resistors and dissidents, depending upon which lizard-man won.

(I’m going to have to write a post fleshing out my idea of the flippers and bumpers and the Pinball Wizard. I’m also going to have to come up with a design to put on a hat, t-shirt and mug… and website… if I end up having to be a dissident and part of the resistance this go ‘round.) 😏

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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